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United States and Brazil: Reaping What You Sow

A half-century since the U.S.-backed coup, Washington continues to interfere in Brazil's domestic politics, operating mostly in shadow. By Jan Knippers Black.


Global Divestment Day: Shifting Investments to Clean Energy

The divestment movement aims to combat climate change by stripping investments from fossil fuels and redirecting them toward renewable energy. By Joshua Pringle.


Business Underpins India-U.S. Defense Deal

In its recent defense technology deal with the U.S., India has lain the groundwork for creating a robust long-term defense industrial base. By Sameer Patil.


Oil Prices Change the Face of Geopolitics

The plunge in oil prices has had a significant economic effect on Russia, Iran and Venezuela, and is changing those countries' geopolitical calculus.
By Andrew Topf.


Australia: Fanning the Flames of Warming and Warfare

Australia is a case study for how the West prioritizes fossil fuels and military intervention over developing alternative energy and regional accord. By Laurelle Atkinson.


Ankle Monitors Expand the Reach of Immigration Detention

A U.S. program has subjected almost 20,000 immigrants to wearing electronic "shackles" throughout their deportation proceedings. By Kyle Barron and Cinthya Santos Briones.


Norway's Oil Decline Accelerates

With oil prices tumbling, new oil projects being scrapped and investments being put on hold, Norway may need to begin building a post-oil economy sooner than it thought.
By Nick Cunningham.

Middle East

World's 10 Biggest Energy Gluttons

Andrew Topf

Overcoming ISIS: Transcending Sectarian Rivalries

Laurelle Atkinson

Viewpoints: Iraq Battles Multiple Crises



Will Ukraine Commit Economic Suicide?

James Stafford

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu: Turkey's Opposition Candidate

Adam Virnelson and Stephanie Henkel

The Legacy of Guernica

Matthew Liggio



Multilateral Test for India's Modi

Neelam Deo

India's Imperatives in Sri Lanka

Neelam Deo and Karan Pradhan

India-China: Evolving Geoeconomics

Akshay Mathur



Water Grabs Power Predatory Development

Alejandro Camargo

Viewpoints: New Carbon Emission Targets

Ayahuasca in Peru: Mysterious and Magical Medicine

James Heartsock



Ebola: A Global Wake-Up Call

Chinua Akukwe

U.S.-Africa Summit: Partnership Opportunities

Chinua Akukwe

Oil Theft Around the Globe

Chris Dalby


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