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Fearful Symmetry
Israelis and Palestinians locked in a vicious cycle
"For Israelis, the peacemaking efforts of the last 10 years are collapsing before our eyes," Israel's former Prime Minister Ehud Barak has recently said. The second Intifada has visited death and destruction upon Israelis and Palestinians. The two societies are riven by internal disputes, strained by extremist forces from within. Although the Europeans and the Americans have stepped back into the fray, engineering a return to the negotiating table, repeated violations of the cease-fire brokered by U.S. Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet have increased skepticism about the value of such a jerry-built truce. Still, amid the hate and mistrust some observers see a glimmer of hope. "Oslo and Camp David II and the Taba talks were not a mistake," observed Gideon Samet of Ha'aretz. "They were a fumble by both sides. Such a complex diplomatic process is never completed in one perfect step."

—Tekla Szymanski

Arafat is Running Out of Options
Gerald M. Steinberg, of the conservative Jerusalem Post, believes Yasser Arafat may be "a victim of his own success."Full Story

The Crippled Movement
Thorsten Schmitz reports on the hamstrung Israeli left for Munich's centrist Süddeutsche Zeitung. Full Story

Arafat's Unhappy Fighters
Sandro Contenta, of the liberal Toronto Star, on why Fatah is reluctant to lay down its arms. Full Story

Send Money, Drugs, and Convoys
Steve Negus, in an editorial for the independent English-language weekly, Cairo Times, weighs-in on the reluctance of Arab countries to make good on their pledges of support. Full Story
Time to Act
Michael Freund, writing for Israel's right-wing online publication Arutz Sheva, is "full of anger and frustration." Read Story

Dishonest Broker
The Palestine Times, an Internet publication out of London, sees the United States as a dishonest peace broker. Full Story

'We Will Give Israel One More Chance'

The Palestine Report, a weekly independent Internet publication from Jerusalem, interviews Hamas spokesman Hasan Yosef. Full Story

Middle East Enemies List
Contributing editor Joel Campagna reports on the case of Raghida Dergham, a Lebanese-American reporter for Al-Hayat. Dergham stands accused violating Lebanese laws prohibiting Lebanese citizens from meeting with Israelis. Full Story

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The Only Way Out | Gideon Samet, Ha'aretz, Tel Aviv
Unanswered Questions
| Magdy Mohanna, Al-Wafd, Cairo
A New Dynamic in the Middle East
| Bassam Abu Shareef, Al-Quds, Jerusalem
Europe's Rising Profile
| Daniel Vernet, Le Monde, Paris