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An Oligarch’s Arrest

Comment and analysis from São Paulo, Shanghai, Budapest, Seoul, Copenhagen, Sofia, Milan, Zurich, Athens, Istanbul, Madrid, Paris

Georgia: Presidential Preview

Daan van der Schriek, Tbilisi, Georgia

Intersecting Journeys

Suad Amiry and Batya Gur, Le Nouvel Observateur (left-wing weekly), Paris, France, Nov. 6, 2003

Radio Hope in Kabul

Bettina Schiel and Stefanie Görtz, Neue Zürcher Zeitung (conservative), Zurich, Switzerland, Nov. 1, 2003

From the Tigris to the Mekong, Vietnam Metaphors Flow

Patrick Sabatier, Libération (left-wing), Paris, France, Oct. 28, 2003

Radical Traditionalist

Alberto Aziz Nassif, El Universal (conservative), Mexico City, Mexico, Oct. 21, 2003

Switzerland: Right-Wing Surge

Tekla Szymanski, World Press Review associate editor

History’s Turning Point

Maciej Lukasiewicz, Rzeczpospolita (centrist), Warsaw, Poland, Oct. 16, 2003

The Way out of Hell

Simeon Vassilev, Banker (independent business weekly), Sofia, Bulgaria, Sept. 20-26, 2003

Germany: Unveiling Prejudices

Tekla Szymanski, World Press Review associate editor


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