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Divided Muslims

Israel: News, the National Obsession

Elisa Ben-Rafael, WPR Correspondent, Jerusalem

Turks Get Some of the News, Not All

Nilay Karaelmas, WPR Correspondent, Ankara

Background Resources: Iraq
(Grades 9-12)

International Law, the United Nations, and the War in Iraq

Rachel S. Taylor, World Press Review associate editor

Iraq: Resources for Research

Weighing the Options: The Next Path for Israel/Palestine

Remi Kanazi, January 23, 2006

Tour of Duty in Tulkarem

Erik Schechter, Worldpress.org contributing editor, Tel Aviv, Israel, January 21, 2006

Iraq in the International Press

Models for Justice in Iraq

Rachel S. Taylor, World Press Review special projects editor, May 8, 2003