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Rajiv Chauhan
Hyderabad, India
Mr. Chauhan has experience writing on politics, sports and socio-economic issues. He is also versed in creative writing, marketing and business-to-business content.

Sreeram Chaulia
Syracuse, NY USA
Sreeram Chaulia holds a PhD in Political Science from the Maxwell School of Citizenship, Syracuse, New York. His dissertation was on humanitarian NGOs and their failure to promote civilian protection and human rights. He has two Bachelor's degrees in Hist...

Omar Cheta
New York, NY USA
Omar Y. Cheta is a doctoral candidate in the departments of History and Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies at New York University. He holds a Master's degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor's degree in Economics from ...

Jim Chisenga Chibuye
Lusaka, Zambia
Jim Chisenga Chibuye is a Zambian national currently working as a reporter for the state-owned Times of Zambia. His areas of specialization include political analysis, business research and reporting, as well as court reporting. He earned a diploma...

Joshua Craze
Paris, France
Joshua Craze is a freelance journalist and PhD candidate in anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, specializing in borders in Sudan. He is based in Juba, Southern Sudan, and speaks English, French, Swahili, and passable Arabic.


Erica Crompton
Stafford, United Kingdom
Erica Crompton is a freelance journalist, writer and editor currently based in Stafford, United Kingdom. She has experience in journalism, fashion reporting and travel writing and has written for several prestigious newspapers and magazines including the ...

Nathan Crooks
Santiago, Chile
Nathan Crooks is a journalist based in Santiago, Chile and is currently the Editor of The Santiago Times, Chile's only English-language news daily.

A graduate of Trinity College in the University of Toronto, Mr. Crooks studied Political ...

Michael Davies-Venn
Brooklyn Center, MN USA
Michael Davies-Venn is a freelance writer, journalist and media consultant focusing on broadcast journalism and politics. He is originally from Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa and is based in the United States. Mr. Davies-Venn has worked as a media co...

Julius Dawu
Harare, Zimbabwe
Julius Dawu has worked as a full time journalist for independent newspapers covering human rights, press freedom and politics. He is currently a fulltime freelance correspondent for selected magazines in Southern Africa, UK and US. Mr. Dawu has experien...

Osama Diab
Cairo, Egypt
Osama Diab is a Cairo-based journalist and writer. His writings focus on the socio-economics and politics of Egypt. He currently reports to Business Today Egypt and Egypt Today, the leading business and current affairs publications in Egypt....

Antonia Dimou
Athens, Greece

Antonia Dimou is a fellow at the Center for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan and Jordan editor at the World Security Network. She is head of the Middle East and Gulf Unit at the Defense and Security Analyses Institute in Athens, and is senior fe...

Virginie Drujon-Kippelen
Atlanta, GA USA
Virginie Drujon-Kippelen is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from France, she received a master's degree in journalism from the University of Arizona. She has recently focused her work on education and internat...

Antonio Fabrizio
Perugia, Italy
Antonio Fabrizio, 26, is a freelance writer based in Perugia, Italy. He has written for several publications, including Italian American Magazine,,,, and Solidarietà Come. He has a five-yea...

Ezra Fieser
Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep
Ezra Fieser has 10 years experience as a writer and editor for U.S. newsapapers and magazines. For the past three years, he has written from Central America for TIME magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, the Miami Herald, Global...

Egon Friedler
Montevideo, Uruguay
Egon Friedler was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1932 and has lived since 1939 in Uruguay. He started his journalistic career in 1957 and he worked in different fields of journalism, like theatre, dance and classical music criticism, book reviewing, general...

Chris Gelken
Tehran, Iran
Chris Gelken is a broadcast, print, and online journalist based in Tehran, Iran, where he is a news anchor and program host of "Middle East Today." He is available as a freelance correspondent or stringer for broadcast and print media. Contact details ava...

Peter C. Glover
Colchester, United Kingdom
Peter C Glover is an British freelance writer, journalist and media consultant specializing in news and current affairs, politics, the media, cultural and faith matters.

In recent years he has worked as a full-time writer, with articles publi...

Omid Habibinia
Geneva, Switzerland
Omid Habibinia, an Iranian media researcher and journalist, has worked in many Persian and international media outlets inside and outside the country since 1990, including the BBC world service and IRIB.

Before his departure, he was the ...

Alfred Hopkins
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Alfred Seymour Hopkins is a freelance writer and translator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Born in Los Angeles, California, he got his degree in journalism from the University of California at Berkeley. After working several years for papers in the U.S...

Mounir Ibrahim
Washington, DC USA
Mounir Ibrahim currently lives in Washington D.C., and works in the field of International Development. Mr. Ibrahim has spent much of his life in New York and Cairo but has also lived in Brussels. Mr. Ibrahim began political analysis in 2005, and continue...

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