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World Press Review is a program of the Stanley Foundation.

October 2001
In Responsibilities Begin Dreams
Maxine McKew, of Sydney's The Bulletin (centrist newsmagazine), reports on the efforts of one man dedicated to revitalizing Australia's aboriginal communities...

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Standard Deviation | L'Express, Paris

September 2001
Little Lhasa's Growing Pains
Lynne O'Donnel, writing for The Australian, meets with exiled Tibetans in the Indian village of McLeod Ganj, near the seat of the Tibetan government-in-exile. Full Story

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South African Reality TV
| Le Monde diplomatique, Paris

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August 2001
For We Are Also His Offspring
“The recent trips by 81-year-old Pope John Paul II to Greece, Syria, and Malta confirm that the head of the Roman Catholic Church shows no sign of slowing down and continues, despite his deteriorating health, to face new challenges with courage. Insiders say that the secret to his success lies in his ability not to be bothered by the criticism directed at him and the Vatican. Instead, he accepts it as a matter of course....”

Ejub Stitkovac, writing for Belgrade's Reporter (independent weekly), looks at Pope John Paul II's recent journeys. Full Story

July 2001
Cyber-Patriots Wage War
The world may be ignoring the smell of gunpowder in the air, but the Sino-American war is well underway. While America’s top diplomat Peter Verga was still haggling with his Chinese counterpart at the negotiating table in Beijing over 'sorry' or 'very sorry,' the first battle had already been fought—a virtual battle, fought digitally on the World Wide Web.

Zhou Derong reports for Frankfurt's conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.Full Story

At a Glance:
Innu Children's Fatal Attraction
Toronto's liberal daily, The Toronto Star, reports on the abuse of inhalants in Labrador, Canada. Full Story

High and Dry: Young Aboriginies
Paul Toohey, writing for Sydney, Australia's centrist The Australian, discusses the difficulty of curbing the use of inhalants among aboriginal Australians. Full Story

Brazil: Who's In Charge of Prisons?
Madi Rodrigue and Mário Simas—of São Paulo, Brazil's liberal newsmagazine, Istoé—find that the answer may be "prison gangs." Full Story
Religious Rebirth in Azerbaijan
Jerzy Rohozinski reports for Kraków, Poland's liberal, Roman Catholic Tygodnik Powszechny.Full Story

Magazine with a Sting Flies Again
Amal Bouhabib reports for Beirut's Daily Star (English-language, independent). Full Story

The Thai Cult of the 'Half-and-Half Children'
Arnaud Dubus, with Laurence Sreshthaputra, Libération (leftist), Paris.

Suicide Epidemic in a Turkish City
Bernhard Zand, Der Spiegel (centrist newsmagazine), Hamburg, Germany. Full Story