The New Rules of War

Bushwhacked and Bamboozled

U.S. President George W. Bush speaks at the White House, Oct. 30, 2002 (Photo: Stephen Jaffe/AFP).

The most unconscionable and cowardly act of the past decade has to be the betrayal of President George W. Bush by virtually every country in the Western democratic world. Canada, by the way, is right up there at the top of the list with the likes of France and Germany. Which is why Canadians will, along with other weak-kneed pacifist nations, likely pay for the lack of moral fiber of our own politicians.

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and his Islamic terrorist cohorts have told us exactly what they want to do: Destroy us all by any means possible. And they are developing those means with hurtling production of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. Along the way, they intend to make us quake with hit-and-run attacks of the Sept. 11 variety. Bush, who is far more intelligent and resolute than his critics credit him, has declared that the United States, alone if necessary, is not going to capitulate to this barbarism. Britain, with Tony Blair at the helm, is seemingly alone in standing steadfast with Bush.

Bill Graham, [the Canadian] foreign affairs minister, is weaseling all the way, doing an imitation of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who basically figured if you were nice to Adolf Hitler, he might start being a loving family man. Startlingly, it is now presumed that the brains of [Prime Minister] Jean Chrétien, Graham’s boss, are so addled, the prime minister really doesn’t know what is going on from one day to the next. So Graham can bamboozle Chrétien any day of the week, and the prime minister is no wiser.

Basically, nations such as Canada, France, Germany, and other Western allies are playing the Czechoslovak gambit, which consisted in the 1930s of turning our backs on that nation when Hitler decided to carve it up, pretending we didn’t notice. With that, they hoped against hope Hitler would be satisfied and wouldn’t bother them.

Their perfidy resulted in the Second World War. The same cowardly attitude occurred after the war when Soviet dictator Josef Stalin took over Eastern Europe and turned it into one vast prison camp for the next half century. Rather than do the honorable thing and force Stalin out, we just watched our own backs and prayed like the moral paupers we were.

The United Nations is, of course, not only the globe’s most elegant cocktail party lounge of every diplomatic coward in the world but also the rat hole of terrorist regimes. These Third World bandit states frequently force resolutions condemning Israel—aside from the United States, the favorite target of the terrorist mobs—as being a nation destined for destruction. Graham pontificates that Canada will only back action against the Iraqi dictator if the U.N. agrees to such action—all the while knowing that, since the world body has been hijacked by anti-Western rogue nations, it has no intention of doing so.

In the National Post on Oct. 4, there was a quite amazing article “We must commit now to regime change,” contending that unless Canada committed itself to standing by the United States in its hour of need, our future postures would be irrelevant. It was an amazing article because it was penned by Tom Axworthy, once one of [former Canadian Prime Minister (1968-84)] Pierre Trudeau’s closest and most fawning aides. Yet, Axworthy, brother of former lib-left and decidedly anti-American Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy, now declares our country has a moral responsibility to back Bush and Britain and oust Saddam from power. Not to do so, says Axworthy, in a piece that is almost poetic in its rationale, would be to abdicate our responsibility to the victims of past world atrocities. He actually contends the “liberal left” has a duty to itself to fight terrorism and power-mad regimes. He calls on “progressives” everywhere to gird their loins for a battle for humanity.

One wishes this piece was read and absorbed by the Chrétien Cabinet and, indeed, members of all of Canada’s political parties.

As with Hitler and Stalin, we either deal with Saddam and the ilk of Osama bin Laden now, or they will surely deal with us. For if we don’t, when our cities and peoples are laid low from chemical or nuclear attacks, it will be too late for regrets. And too late to write our own history.