Republican Victories in U.S. Elections

Mexico City Reforma (independent), Nov. 7: [President Bush] turned the election into a national referendum on his foolhardy attempt to go after Saddam Hussein’s head, and the public voted in favor. The way to Baghdad has been cleared.
—Rafael Fernández de Castro

Singapore The Straits Times (pro-government), Nov. 7: A strong president backed by Congress is infinitely preferable to a weak president constantly attacked by Congress. But there must be many today in the capitals of Europe and Asia who wonder if Mr. Bush has become a little too strong.

Dublin Irish Independent (conservative), Nov. 7: The supreme fear will be that Mr. Bush, buoyed up by his electoral successes, will be more determined than ever to wage war on Iraq. Such a war can only have the most disastrous consequences.

Seoul Chosun Ilbo (conservative), Nov. 8: The election success can be interpreted that, despite harsh international and domestic criticism of President Bush, Americans support his plan for a new world order.

Madrid El País (liberal), Nov. 7: Tuesday’s election was a personal victory for Bush. He knew that not only the rest of his presidency was at stake, but also the possibility of winning a second term in 2004. The doubts about the legitimacy of his victory in the 2000 presidential elections...were laid to rest.

Sofia Dnevnik (conservative), Nov. 6: Now Bush is awarded with power levers that few of his predecessors have held....Apparently in the span between Sept. 11 and the pending war with Iraq, the security issue made all the slogans for reforms in the economy, to say the least, seem unpatriotic.

Johannesburg The Star (liberal), Nov. 7: Voters, still seething at the terrorism of Sept. 11, showed themselves to be deaf to world concerns at...the incessant Bush war talk about Iraq. And they were certainly oblivious to efforts by Bush’s opponents to raise domestic issues.

Paris Libération (left-wing), Nov. 6: The big loser of these none other than Saddam Hussein....From now on, Bush can claim a strong mandate of popular support for his politics of enforced disarmament of Iraq.
—Patrick Sabatier

Lima La República (center-left), Nov. 7: The results of these elections give President Bush an excellent opportunity to be re-elected in two years. The Democrats urgently need to find national leadership capable of challenging Republican might.
—Federico de Cardenas