Eastern Europe

EU Antagonisms

The European Union is rubbing some people in Eastern Europe the wrong way. In a commentary for the pro-government Vjesnik (Oct. 31) of Zagreb, Maja Freundlich accuses the EU of plotting to return Croatia to Yugoslavia. She argues that the West wants to use the Serbians—who dominate Yugoslavia—as “pioneers of introducing a U.S.-European political dictatorship in Croatia.”

In Sofia, the EU-Bulgaria Joint Parliamentary Committee has urged the EU to remove Bulgaria and Romania from the EU visa “blacklist,” reports Bulgaria’s state-owned press agency BTA (Oct. 19): “Bulgaria and Romania are the only countries among the EU applicant-states that have association agreements, yet visa requirements are effective for their citizens traveling to the EU.” If the two countries remain on the list, reports BTA, “this may be treated as discrimination and may have a negative effect on the two countries’ integration into the EU.”