The Neo-Nazi Threat

Two neo-Nazi terrorist incidents, only four weeks apart, shook- Sweden this spring. In the independent daily Jyllands Posten of Arhus, Thomas Heine reported about the murder of two policemen during a bank robbery. Two of the three attackers were members of the Nationalsocialistick Front, the leading neo-Nazi group in Sweden, which has recently registered as a political party.

Olivier Truc reports in Paris's leftist daily Liberation on the second attack, a car bomb aimed at a freelance reporter who specializes in investigating the far right. The reporter and his eight-year-old son were injured. "This is the first time a journalist has been thus attacked in Sweden," writes Truc.

In the aftermath of the attacks, writes Gary Young in London's liberal Guardian, Swedes debated whether the underlying liberal principles of Sweden's political culture can withstand extremist threats. Many are baffled as to why their country, traditionally considered among the world's most tolerant, should have changed so dramatically.