Middle East

Middle East

The Coup by the Left's Generals

Architects of the Geneva Accords
Washington, Dec. 3, 2003: Yasser Abed Rabbo (L), the former Palestinian Authority minister of information and culture, and Yossi Beilin (R), the former Israeli minister of justice, were among the architects of the “Geneva Accord.” (Photo: Joyce Naltchayan/AFP-Getty Images).

They are not generals and this is not South America, but in the Middle Eastern reality, this is the closest thing to a military coup we have ever known. Over the past several weeks, we have witnessed the birth of a new and dangerous culture of silent anarchy.     
It may be very photogenic, but it is anarchy nonetheless. It is almost impossible not to notice the direct line stretching between the “flying refusers” [a group of Israeli pilots who have refused to fly missions in the Occupied Territories] and the flying Beilins. [Yossi Beilin is one of the initiators of the “Geneva Accord,” an unofficial peace agreement that was adopted by Israeli opposition politicians and former Palestinian ministers. The proposal was met with furious disapproval by the government led by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.—WPR] Speaking in the name of conscience, they allow themselves to undermine the foundations of our democracy—starting with refusing orders in the army, and going all the way to negotiating with the enemy behind the elected government’s back.

Beilin, [Uri] Savir [a former chief Israeli negotiator at the Oslo peace negotiations], and their associates have been internationally delegitimizing the Sharon Cabinet. If you asked them, they would claim that they represent democracy on Earth. They offer an alternative of their own accord and politely reject the people’s will. After all, with all due respect, who is this Levantine nation and what does it understand anyway? The term “democracy” will honorably join other phrases—such as “victims of peace,” and “conscientious objection”—in the Israeli left’s “newspeak.”

I wonder how the Bush administration would have reacted had its Democratic opposition been drafting an agreement with Saddam [Hussein’s] regime behind his back. It seems, however, that everything is allowed to the Israeli left, and it is not at all clear why.