Middle East

England: Does America Read the Signs?

The incident of Terrible Tuesday came as a horrific strike to U.S. arrogance, especially when it proved to everyone that a few guns or knives held by some 10 to 20 maniacs could do that amount of harm and destroy the greatest army and security machinery on earth.

It is cheap terrorism or the terrorism of the powerless that is going to be one of the main characteristics of the 21st century, which no security machinery can foil except through means of spying and tapping, which is not usually successful. If the New York and Washington example was a creative one, biological terrorism is considered to be even more creative and more painful.

As for [Americans] deducing the implications, it is not likely to occur, because the Zionist mind—which manages the U.S. machinery through politics, money, and media—will not permit it. The logical deduction should question why the United States in particular? Why its people? What is the main concealed Israeli secret behind it?

All these issues are based on the assumption that those who have carried out these attacks were Arabs, Muslims, followers of Bin Laden or of those who support him. However, had they been from the extreme American right, that would be something else.