Middle East


Aftermath of Iran's Election

An Iranian woman shows a poster on June 22 of the Iranian protester named Neda who was killed during a protest against the recent Iranian elections. (Photo: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

Alexarjomand (June 23): As Iranians our interests are aligned: whether we live inside the country or outside, whether we are pro-Moussavi, pro-Karroubi, pro-Mossadegh, pro-Mashruteh, or pro anything else we are all Iranians and the most important objective at this juncture is to be united in the face of what will be an all-out assault by a theocratic and corrupt regime which has nowhere to run and will use all means at its disposal to hold onto power.

Anti-Riot Attacks (June 23): Once caught by security forces, the best way to break free is by swinging relentlessly in all directions. Keep in mind that security forces have to hold on to you, which means they only can use one hand to deflect the blows. Brass Knuckle is extremely effective when trying to break loose from the grip of security forces. Wooden brass knuckle is strong and simple to make.

Nima Heyd Arian (June 22): My fellow Iranians, you have been an inspiration not only to us, the Iranians outside Iran, but also to the people of the world. You have stood in front of one of the cruelest regimes on earth. You have [been] martyrs for the noblest cause. Your bravery and will power has stunned all nations. You have done the unthinkable.

View from Iran (June 19): Those saying that Khamenei's sermon today was a conciliatory one and a call for calm are living in a dream world. The fact that Ayatollah Khamanei called the millions of people who came to the streets in the past few days are "agents of the West" and calling the election fair and historic is shocking and divisive, but expected. His unwavering support for Ahmadinejad and the unwillingness to investigate the vote has made it impossible for any compromise to be reached. This speech was absolutely meant to terrify the Iranian people off the streets and back into their homes. He has now stated that any protest is illegal and that any violence will be the responsibility of the opposition.

Hamed Talebi (June 17): This is not a war between Ahmadinejad and Mir Hussein and we should not let it become a war between the voters of both sides either. It is a war between a majority of people who have no access to media and a radical movement…. Mousavi, in the most optimistic scenario, is merely a victim of this deceiving movement.

Fellowship of Reconciliation (June 17): As international allies committed to the principles and practice of active nonviolence, we speak from a place of love of Iran and of the Iranian people. We strongly advocate for nonviolent means of resolving the tense situation in Iran. We urge those who are protesting the election results to continue to remain calm and to refrain from damaging public property. At the same time, we strongly condemn the government's use of force against unarmed civilians. Violence is not a solution, and begets more violence.

Zareh Bin (June 15): These incidents were supposed to happen to show how cruel and bloodthirsty the government is. This system will put everyone to the sword to stay in power. It took thirty years for everyone to realize that the Islamic Republic does not respect the people at all and just cares about its own existence. The time of reforms is over. It is time for the regime to change. How many more people have to be beaten up or killed for this government to continue its shameful life?

Masud Behnud (June 14): Three obvious things happened in this coup d'etat: (1) The Law Enforcement Force came into control of the entire political power. (2) People's votes were not respected by the government. (3) People came into the streets to defend their votes. The people's defeat is not just Mousavi's defeat. If we fall down this time as well, who knows when and how we will be able to rise again.

Inside Iran (June 13): Chaos ensued again, as people fled in all directions. The protesters shouted, "Death to the Dictator!" charging, while the Basij fired back with "God is great!" attacking the crowds with their batons.