International Editor of the Year Award

History of the EOY Award

In 1974, we discovered that there were many awards for writers, artists and photographers, but no awards or recognition for international editors, so created the International Editor of the Year award.

The recipient of's Editor of the Year award is selected by our editors in consultation with our correspondents, translators, contributing editors and others, both here in the United States and internationally.

Many editors outside the United States risk their lives just going to work each day because they play a huge part in promoting freedom of speech and justice in their countries. presents the award each year to an editor or editors outside the United States in recognition of enterprise, courage, and leadership in advancing the freedom and responsibility of the press, in enhancing human rights, and in fostering excellence and truth in journalism.

The history of the award is rich, and the past 35 recipients of the award have experiences that are incredible in their own right.

How Can You Help?

  • Donate to the International Editor of the Year Award Fund. All donations will go toward meeting the award’s expenses.

Please contribute today. For further information, please contact Teri Schure, founder