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Alpha Oumar Konare: Getting Back to Work

Rachel S. Taylor, World Press Review special projects editor

From Petrol to Taylor (Obasanjo’s Flirtations with Anarchy and Terror)

Chidi Amuta, Vanguard (independent), Lagos, Nigeria, Aug. 4, 2003

Kenya: Corruption Scandal

William Karanja, World Press Review correspondent, Nairobi, Kenya

Africa’s Future Foday Sankohs

William Karanja, The Daily Nation (independent), Nairobi, Kenya, July 30, 2003

Uganda: A Tyrant’s Legacy

Sarah Coleman, World Press Review associate editor

Bush's African Sweep

Sarah Coleman, World Press Review associate editor

‘Judge Not, that Ye Be Not Judged’

The Zimbabwe Independent (pro-opposition weekly), Harare, Zimbabwe, June 20, 2003

Charles Taylor: A Date with Justice

Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu, Inter Press Service (international news agency), Rome, Italy, June 2003

Africa's New Policeman?

Thierry Oberle, Le Figaro (conservative), Paris, France, June 11, 2003

'Where Are the French?'

James Astill, The Observer (liberal weekly), London, England, June 8, 2003