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Bombing in the Moscow Subway

Reaction from Athens, Istanbul, Beijing, Budapest, Sydney, Berlin, Oslo, and Sofia

WMD: Intelligence Tested

Harald Stanghelle, Aftenposten (conservative), Oslo, Norway, Feb. 4, 2004

It's Time for Spies to Lift their Game

The New Zealand Herald (conservative), Auckland, New Zealand, Feb. 4, 2004

Humanity: A Matter of Definition

Guido Heinen, Die Welt (conservative), Berlin, Germany, Feb. 3, 2004

Iran's Bitter Ballot

Die Welt (conservative), Berlin, Germany, Feb. 3, 2004

The World's Second-Oldest Profession

Wojciech Pieciak, Tygodnik Powszechny (liberal Catholic weekly), Krakow, Poland, Feb. 1, 2004

Parmalat's Brazil Connection

Reports from four Brazilian newspapers and magazines

Ukraine: King Kuchma

Andrew Yurkovsky, World Press Review senior editor

Catherine Schauer: Foe of Sex Tourism

Tekla Szymanski, World Press Review associate editor

Defending 'Republican Values'

Djénane Kareh Tager, Le Monde des Religions (bimonthly magazine), Paris, France, January-February 2004