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Germany: Unveiling Prejudices

Tekla Szymanski, World Press Review associate editor

Getting to Know Itself

David Segarra, El País (liberal), Madrid, Spain, Sept. 23, 2003

A Convergence of Interests

Boris Biancheri, La Stampa (centrist), Turin, Italy, Sept. 23, 2003

Our American 'Enemies'

Jean Daniel, Le Nouvel Observateur (left-wing weekly), Paris, France, Sept. 23, 2003

A Chinese 'Invasion'

Vladimir Radyuhin, The Hindu (centrist), Chennai, India, Sept. 23, 2003

The White Knight

Wolfgang Koydl, Süddeutsche Zeitung (centrist), Munich, Germany, Sept. 18, 2003

Congo: A Hell on Earth for Women

René Lefort, Le Nouvel Observateur (liberal weekly), Paris, France, Sept. 11-Sept. 18, 2003.

The Secrets of Cuban Medicine

Aleksei Aleksandrov, Argumenty i Fakty (mass-circulation weekly), Moscow, Russia, Sept. 17, 2003

Interview: Massoud Barzani

Andrea Nüsse, Frankfurter Rundschau (liberal), Frankfurt, Germany, Sept. 16, 2003

Which Europe After Sweden?

Nicola Cacace, L’Unità (left-wing), Rome, Italy, Sept. 16, 2003