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Education Resources

A Roma woman in the poor Bucharest neighborhood of Ferentari.

The Roma of Ferentari and Nushfalàu

Crina Muresanu, a young Romani (or "Gypsy," to use the derogatory slur) woman working to revitalize her neighborhood schools, writes about life in a Bucharest slum: the problems residents face, common misperceptions of her people, and her hopes for the future. Photographs of the neighborhood by Belgian photojournalist Layla Aerts illustrate the story.

Discussion (Grades 9-12)

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Individual and group activities that ask students to consider the conflict from both perspectives and think about such issues as media bias, objectivity and communication.

June 2003: We, the Traitors

A combination of discussion, research, and class presentations will help students understand and contextualize Adam Michnik's essay on his reasons for supporting the war in Iraq. Suitable for grades 10-12.

June 2003: Castro and Iraq

Questions and activities that will get your students thinking about how and why the media cover war—as well as how and why they don't.

May 2003: The Press Goes to War

These essay topics will encourage students to reflect on the Pentagon's controversial program of embedding journalists with the military in the war on Iraq.

Education Handbook

This easy-to-use handbook is full of ideas on how to use the monthly World Press Review in your classroom.

Iraq Anthology: More Pre-emptive Strikes?

Spark a discussion about the implications of Israel's 1981 strike on an Iraqi nuclear reactor, meant to prevent Iraq from developing nuclear weapons.

April 2003: Do We Care?

Why do some events, such as the space shuttle Columbia disaster, receive more media attention than others no less tragic?

Discussion (Grades 9-12)

Syllabus: Theories of International Relations

A course designed by Professor B. Welling Hall of Earlham College (Richmond, Indiana) for juniors and seniors in International Affairs.

Pre-emptive Strikes

Use Israel's historic pre-emptive strike against an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 to open a discussion about issues relevant to the current war on Iraq.

Discussion (Grades 9-12)

Models for Justice in Iraq

Special projects editor Rachel Taylor

State of the World's Children 2003

UNICEF's interactive report on under-18-year-olds around the world. It includes excellent maps, and children's own thoughts on such topics as HIV/AIDS, government and politics, and harmful or illegal substances.

Pipeline Politics: Oil, the Taliban, and the Political Balance of Central Asia

This special report examines the regional issues that Afghanistan's interim government faces in rebuilding the country.

The International Press on Iraq

A collection of articles and viewpoints about Iraq published by World Press Review.

Iraq Information Sources and Links

This collection of resources includes documents, portals, papers, maps and other research tools from World Press Review and other sources.

International Law, the United Nations, and the War in Iraq

A special report that examines the underpinnings of the debate surrounding international law and the war against Iraq.

Discussion (Grades 9-12)

Compare and Contrast

Students study the articles in a World Press Review cover story or feature of their choice to study how one issue can be seen and addressed differently by different news sources.

June 2003: Political Geography Worksheet

Use this map exercise to familiarize students with the countries that contributed to this month's cover story. For more information, see Background Resources (below).

Argentina's Economic Meltdown

In December 2001, Argentina experienced massive public protests, the collapse of its economy, and the toppling of successive governments. Help students learn about this landmark event in recent Argentinian history.

Map: Divided Muslims

This interactive map from the Vienna news weekly Profil looks at Muslim countries' problems with terrorist organizations.

Comprehension: More Pre-emptive Strikes?

14 questions to ensure that your students have read and understood this 1981 article from The Times of India, reprinted in the World Press Review Iraq Anthology 1981-2003.

Background Resources: Iraq

Get background information to help students situate current events in Iraq in their historical and political contexts.

Discussion (Grades 9-12)

Glossary: The Iraq Crisis, Past to Present

Terms that are important to understanding the issues underlying the Iraqi conflict.

General Vocabulary

Words your students should know that are repeated throughout the World Press Review Iraq Anthology 1981-2003.

Selling Arms to Friend or Foe

Definitions to correspond to the article "A Big Boost for Suppliers" from the World Press Review Iraq Anthology 1981-2003.

The Iran-Iraq War

Definitions to correspond with the article "The Middle East Realigns," from the World Press Review Iraq Anthology 1981-2003.

Israel's Strike on the Osirak Reactor

Definitions to correspond with the article "More Pre-emptive Strikes?" from the World Press Review Iraq Anthology 1981-2003.

International Arms Dealers

Definitions to correspond with the article "Arming Iraq and Iran" from the World Press Review Iraq Anthology 1981-2003.

Using Chemical Weapons

Definitions to correspond with the article "'If Hypocrisy Could Kill'" from the World Press Review Iraq Anthology 1981-2003.