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Jamal Uddin Ahmed
Uttara, Bangladesh
Jamal Uddin Ahmed is a photojournalist from Bangladesh with more than 10 years of experience working with daily newspapers. He is looking to build on his extensive range of technical skills within a suitably challenging role.

Chinua Akukwe
Washington, DC USA
Dr. Chinua Akukwe is an Africa analyst with expertise in HIV/AIDS strategies, policies and programs, with special focus on Africa; public health; international development partnerships; and international affairs. He is a fellow of the American College of ...

Mohamed Al-Azaki
Sana'a, Yemen

Mohamed Al-Azaki is Yemeni journalist and researcher on Islamic militants at the Saba Center for Political and Strategic Studies based in Sana'a, Yemen. He has worked for more than five years at theYemen News Agency (SABA) in translation and re...

Syed Sajjad Ali
Agartala, India
Syed Sajjad Ali is a journalist and based in Agartala, capital city of India’s northeastern Tripura state. He has 24 years experience in journalism and documentation. He has extensively traveled the restive and hilly region, home to over one hundred diffe...

Naheed Ali
Long Island, NY USA
Naheed Ali, M.D., is a nationally recognized author and health advocate who began writing professionally in 2005. Dr. Ali has published medical articles on various online publications and has been quoted in numerous national media venues. Additional info ...

Daniel Allen
Beijing, China
Daniel Allen is an award-winning, internationally published freelance writer and photographer from London. He has lived in Beijing since 2004 and travels widely across Europe and Asia. His work on a diverse range of subjects has appeared in numerous publi...

Mark Andrews
Shanghai, China
Mark Andrews is a freelance writer and photographer specializing in travel and motoring. He is one of the leading English-language reviewers of Chinese cars and writers on the Chinese auto industry. In over a decade of writing he has covered topics rangin...

Luis Enrique Ascui
Melbourne, Australia
Luis Enrique Ascui, a fulltime freelance photographer, was born in Santiago, Chile. He has worked as a professional photojournalist in South America, Australia, Europe, and South East Asia over the last 18 years. In 2000, he received the Nikon Award for P...

Laurelle Atkinson
Central Tilba, Australia
Laurelle Russell-Atkinson is an independent political analyst specializing in geopolitics and the Middle East, with degrees in the field from the Australian National University. She is currently writing her second book, "Middle Eastern Conflicts: Root Ca...

Susanna Bagnoli
Pisa, Italy
Susanna Bagnoli is a freelance journalist living in Pisa, Italy. She has experience in broadcast journalist and has written for several newspapers and magazines. Ms. Bagnoli also worked as a correspondent from Italy for World Press Review until 200...

Greg Bailey
St. Louis, MO USA
Greg Bailey is the former St. Louis correspondent for The Economist and a former contributor to Agence France-Presse, Time magazine, the Chicago Tribune, and other magazines and newspapers. He is ready to cover anything in the Midwest...

Natalie Behring
Beijing, China
Natalie Behring is a freelance photographer with more than a decade of experience. She is based in Beijing, China. Ms. Behring has covered major stories across Asia, the Middle East and Africa for the world's leading magazines, newspapers and NGOs, includ...

Lowell Bennett
Beijing, China
Lowell Bennett provides corporate communications services worldwide and is an award-winning writer and photographer focusing on Southeast Asia and China. In his 15 years as a freelance writer, editor, photographer, website developer and business consultan...

Rahul Bhonsle
New Delhi, India
Rahul K. Bhonsle, a veteran soldier, is now a researcher and analyst based in New Delhi. He specializes in human security, strategic risk analysis and future warfare, with particular emphasis on South Asia. Mr. Bhonsle has covered major stories on s...

Niusha Boghrati
Prague, Czech Rep
Niusha Boghrati is an Iranian journalist who currently works as a broadcast journalist, live show host and editor for the American-funded, Prague-based Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty. He has the experience of working as a correspondent in Tehran ...

Sima Borkovski
Jerusalem, Israel
Sima Borkovski is an experienced freelance journalist based in Israel who consistently writes for major newspapers and magazines in Israel as well as magazines, websites and papers in the U.S., England, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark. Her features includ...

Angela M. Boskovitch
Frankfurt, Germany
Angela M. Boskovitch is a freelance writer, journalist, and educator based in Frankfurt, Germany. Her expertise includes European history and politics, the expansion of the European Union, transatlantic relations and NATO, women's issues, travel, gastrono...

Rich Bowden
Sydney, Australia
Rich Bowden is a Sydney, Australia – based freelance journalist specializing in political, environmental and human rights news reports with an emphasis on the Asia/Pacific region. A Worldpress correspondent since 2003, Rich has also contributed articles f...

Amy Bracken
Boston, MA USA
Amy Bracken is a freelance journalist based in Boston, MA. She reported out of Haiti for two years and now focuses on immigrant and refugee issues. She travels frequently, and speaks French, Spanish and Haitian Creole. Her byline has appeared in The Ne...

Morgan Brinlee
San Francisco, CA USA
Morgan Brinlee is a freelance writer and multimedia journalist based out of the San Francisco Bay Area in California. She recently earned her B.A. from San Francisco State University, majoring in the humanities with a minor in journalism. Her work has app...

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