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Luis Enrique Ascui

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Professional/Personal Overview

Luis Enrique Ascui, a fulltime freelance photographer, was born in Santiago, Chile. He has worked as a professional photojournalist in South America, Australia, Europe, and South East Asia over the last 18 years. In 2000, he received the Nikon Award for Photojournalism, and through his work explored the political turmoil and changes in Indonesia. He has undertaken projects in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Sarajevo.

Mr. Ascui’s work reflects an interest in the human struggle to survive under intolerable conditions, and the impact of war and disaster remain strong themes: whether among images of life in Taliban-controlled Kabul, or the destructive scope of Asia's devastating tsunami. A grant from Panos (London) assisted in the documentation of Mayan culture in Central America in 1994, and images of Guatemala were exhibited in Copenhagen at the United Nations Summit for Social Development.

Involvement in books and exhibitions has been a consistent part of Mr. Ascui’s career, including a Leica-sponsored exhibit of images of Sarajevo that took place in Australia in 1997. He is published widely by magazines and newspapers, and has been affiliated with respected agencies including Getty Images, The Associated Press, Matrix, and Polaris.

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