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Alasdair Soussi

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Professional/Personal Overview

Alasdair Soussi is a Scots-born freelance journalist and writer, with a special interest in the Middle East and the Islamic world, and the Scottish political scene. An honours graduate from the University of Glasgow, he has worked in the likes of Beirut, Cairo, Amman and Freetown.

Covering everything from profiles of political leaders, analytical pieces on wars, conflicts and other similar events to interviews with human-rights activists, political figures and more historical-based features tied to anniversaries, Soussi has a record for producing quality copy for some of the world's most prestigious publications, such as The National in Abu Dhabi, The Irish Times in Dublin and The Weekly Standard in Washington, D.C., and for other formats and organisations, such as the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), for whom he has written and acted as a consultant for their fundraising information packs in Egypt and Tunisia.

His website is You can also follow him on

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Pakistan's Women Get a Helping Hand From Maryam Bibi
The Legacy of T.E. Lawrence

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