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Joshua Pringle

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Professional/Personal Overview

Joshua Pringle has a bachelor's degree in magazine journalism from Ohio University and a master's degree in international relations from New York University. An experienced editor of both journalistic work and prose, he is the senior editor for In addition to his political articles, he has also written numerous music reviews and is the author of two novels: Don't Say the Word Love and Downward Facing God. Mr. Pringle is also a singer, "slam" poet and painter. Work Samples

Global Refugee Crisis Deepens by the Day
The Big Short Review
Grimes, Art Angels: 2015 Album of the Year
Mad Men Series Finale Review: Break Down, Break Through
Global Divestment Day: Shifting Investments to Clean Energy
Gaza: The Middle East Children's Alliance
Fracking and Water Scarcity
Syria: Interview with Richard Gowan
Egypt: Interview with Zachary Lockman
International Justice on an Uneven Playing Field
Political Journalism in the Electronic Age
Rethinking the Drug War in the Americas
Do Bahrain's Sunnis Like the Smell of Tear Gas?
Hegemony: What Is It Good For?
Lifting the Gaza Blockade: A U.S. Imperative
Land Grabs and the World Bank
The Case for U.S. Humanitarian Interventionism
Six Days in Rio de Janeiro
Seeds of Peace
The Relationship between Nuclear Power and Climate Change
The United States: A Country Without a Revolution
Want to Cut the Deficit? Start by Getting out of Afghanistan
The Corporate Roadblock in Washington
Grassroots Gone Dry
Books Versus Bombs

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