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Manuela Paraipan

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Professional/Personal Overview

Manuela Paraipan is a Bucharest-based independent foreign policy analyst. She has been published in The Washington Times, World Press Review, Yemen Times, Global Politician, Lebanon Wire and other publications. She has also been invited as a speaker at multiple political conferences.

Work Samples

Syria and the Mehlis Report
Interview with the President of the Reform Party of Syria
Iran's extreme boldness Work Samples

Palestine and the Lottery Ticket
Three Interviews Regarding Palestine
Rumblings in the Middle East
A Dialogue with Hamas - Part 2
A Dialogue with Hamas - Part 1
A Dialogue with Hamas - Part 1
Yemen and Its Challenges
Interview with Hamas Leader in Lebanon
Behind the Scenes with Emile Lahoud
Let's See Plan B, Please
How Far is Too Far?
Not Looking for Peace
Syria and Tehran Pulling the Strings in Lebanon
Sowing the Seeds for the Next War
Hezbollah Militancy Impedes the Road Back to Normality
Experiencing Insecurity
Post-conflict Perspectives on Lebanon
Women's Rights and Status in Turkey
The Weak Link is the Lebanese Government
Looking in the Past
Without Secularism Turkey Couldn't be a Democracy
Leadership Brings Responsibility
Diversity as an Instrument of Conflict
Zero Tolerance on Terror
Religious Freedom: A Taboo in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Partners in Disarray: the United States, the European Union and the United Nations

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