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Angelique van Engelen

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Professional/Personal Overview

Angelique van Engelen is a freelance copywiter, journalist, reporter, and researcher. She has lived in the Middle East for a considerable time as a foreign correspondent and is currently based in Amsterdam, covering news and politics there. She also writes arts features, short stories, screenplays and commercials.

Aside from her work as a correspondent, Ms. van Engelen is an avid traveler. Samples of her writing can be found at She also runs, a community of twittering journalists.

Work Samples

When Will US Foreign Policy Begin To Line With International Law Again?
Dutch Chemicals Trader On Trial For Helping Saddam Hussein Wipe Out Northern Town Of Halabja
Another 'Black Box' Features In The Iranian Nuclear Arena - This Time It's Manifest On A Laptop Work Samples

Putin's Dictatorial Streak
Threatening Language in Iran Nuclear Standoff
Victory After the War Is Hardly Moral
Internal U.S. Legal Issues on the War on Terror

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