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Greg Timmons

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Professional/Personal Overview

Greg Timmons' nearly thirty-year experience as a classroom Social Studies teacher has provided him with a wealth of experience in how students learn and what materials teachers need to be successful. Taking into consideration all levels of student ability, he designs lessons that encompass different student learning styles and helps develop necessary writing and thinking skills. These activities enable a wide range of student participation and provide them with important and measurable knowledge and skills.

Over the past two years as a freelance writer, Mr. Timmons has created over 35 lessons for national news and education organizations, including the PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Newsweek Education Program, FRONTLINE, History Channel, and Social Studies School Service. He has also consulted for several other education organizations including American Experience, the Southern Center for International Studies, and Media Education Consultants. In addition, he produces professional development workshops for the Council for Opportunities in Education and Oregon Council for the Social Studies.

Work Samples

Lesson Plan: International Forum On Iran's Nuclear Program
Washington Week For Educators: The Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings
PBS FRONTLINE episode on “The Insurgency”
Newsweek Education Program “Issues Today Wall Map” on The Middle East

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