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Sreeram Chaulia

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Professional/Personal Overview

Sreeram Chaulia holds a PhD in Political Science from the Maxwell School of Citizenship, Syracuse, New York. His dissertation was on humanitarian NGOs and their failure to promote civilian protection and human rights. He has two Bachelor's degrees in History from St.Stephen's College, Delhi, and University College, Oxford. He has two Master's degrees in International Relations from the London School of Economics and the Maxwell School of Citizenship.

Mr. Chaulia has worked for international humanitarian and peace organisations in the United States, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. He has been a regular writer for Hong Kong-based Asia Times since 2001 and has published widely on global politics, trade, human rights and peace in numerous magazines, journals and newspapers. He also wrote a monthly international current events column, GLOBE SCAN, for the Melbourne-based Bharat Times. He is also contributing editor of Peter Murray's People Who Influenced the World Over the Past 100 Years (Murray Books, 2005).

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Work Samples

Democratisation, Colour Revolutions and the Role of the NGOs: Catalysts or Saboteurs?
Are Personalities Passé?
Survival of the luckiest
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'Shia Democracy': Myth or Reality?
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