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Risto Karajkov

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Professional/Personal Overview

Risto Karajkov is a freelance writer and consultant. He holds a doctorate in development from the University of Bologna. Work Samples

Macedonia Turns 20
Religious Battles in the Balkans
Asylum Seekers
Forgive, Forget
Transitional Justice at 20
Lifting the Wall
Brake on E.U. Enlargement Dims Hope for the Balkans
Mother Teresa of Skopje
Macedonian Refugee Children: Exodus Anniversary
U.N. Report: Balkans Safer Than Thought
Discounts on Democracy in Europe: Who Should Determine How One Self-Determines?
Aid Consultancies: Is the Money Well Spent?
United States Still Crucial to Balkan Stability
Kosovo and the Balkans: Afterthoughts on Independence
Macedonia Name Dispute May Threaten NATO Enlargement
Kosovo and the Balkans: Independence Day Looms
Kosovo: The End of the Road—What's Next?
Balkans: Stability Pact Goes Into History
N.G.O.'s in the Balkans: Too Much of a Good Thing?
Balkans: The Kosovo Countdown
The Power of N.G.O.'s: They're Big, But How Big?
Balkans Mystery Tour: The Mine of Alshar
Europe's Visa Policy for the Balkans
EU Candidates: Spare Some Cash?
N.G.O.'s: Who Else Will Do the Work?
Europe Is Adamant On the Issue of El Masri
The Young and the Old: Radical Islam Takes Root in the Balkans
The European Union and the Balkans: Disparities in the Freedom of Movement
N.G.O. Bashing
Macedonia: Big Rush in the Islamic Community

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