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Vinicius Souza

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Professional/Personal Overview

Vinicius Souza started working as a photographer and journalist in the late 80's. In 1989, he won Banespa Bank's photo contest with a black and white series on the Samba schools of Santos. The work was exhibited in the bank's headquarters in São Paulo. In 1991, he produced a documentary series on the Xavantes in the native preservations, Barra do Garca and Mato Grosso. A year later, he did a similar documentary on the Guaranis living along the coast of the State of São Paulo. The two series were exhibited at Tendal da Lapa, São Paulo in 1992. In 1999, Mr. Souza moved to the USA where he wrote articles on Brazilian music and culture for Where Y'at, a cultural newspaper in New Orleans, LA.

In 2001 he traveled with his partner Maria Eugênia Sá through Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and Romania, where they documented the lives of the workers, and also did a series on jazz shows. In 2002 they went to Africa to start the project, "A New Look on Lusophone Africa". From 2002 to 2004, the documentary photograph work "Angola - The Hope of a People" was exhibited in Brazil. The work received a great response. In June 2003 Mr. Souza and Ms. Sá published an eight-page article, "Angola em Dias de Esperanca - Angola in Days of Hope" in Horizonte Geográfico, one of the most important cultural and geographically-focused magazines in Brazil. From May to July 2003, both participated in the São Paulo 6th International Month of Photography, with the documentary photography exhibition "Reminiscences of Terezin", on an old Czech fortress and Jewish Ghetto in Czech Republic.

Since 2001, Mr. Souza has worked on photograph documentaries such as:

Reminiscences of Terezin
Angola - The Hope of a People
Colombia: Which Civil War?

Work Samples

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Colombian 'Democracy' and 80 Years of Murdering Workers
Finally, Safe Demining
In Colombia, Land Mines Claim Three Victims a Day
Crime Rate Decreases in São Paulo and Bogotá
One Country, Several Wars
Identity Crisis
Kashmir: Occupied, Partitioned and Disputed

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