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Niusha Boghrati

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Professional/Personal Overview

Niusha Boghrati is an Iranian journalist who currently works as a broadcast journalist, live show host and editor for the American-funded, Prague-based Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty. He has the experience of working as a correspondent in Tehran for two Italian news agencies, ADN Kronos International and Iber Press. He also has worked with the United Nations in Tehran as a researcher, and has cooperated with the Amnesty International office of Prague as an analyst.

The professional specialty of Mr. Boghrati is civil society and human rights. He has degrees in journalism and English literature, and is the author of the first jazz book ever published in Iran. He has also written numerous art- and culture-related articles and reviews in the Iranian Press.

Work Samples

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Amnesty International Bulletins (Czech Rep.) - attached above. Work Samples

Political Motives behind Iran's Abuses
Journalist Abused in Iranian Prison
Jahanbegloo on the Green Movement in Iran
Chomsky on Iran
Jailed Women Activists Go on Hunger Strike in Tehran's Evin Prison
Leftist Students Square Off Against President in Iran
Iran Putting Its Children on Death Row
Follow the Path of Negotiation and Peace—An Interview With Shirin Ebadi
Intelligence Report Opens Door for Policy Changes on Iran
Iranian Press Under Increased Pressure to Portray Government in a Favorable Light
Prisoners' Rights Activist Arrested and Detained
Public Executions Signal New Wave of Suppression
Release of Union Leaders Urged
Foreign Policy Expert Favors Engagement with Iran
A Significant Breakthrough?
Teachers Protest Low Wages
Is Ahmedinejad’s Star Fading?
Crackdown on Intellectuals
Clampdowns on Student Activists
Successors Rumored for Reportedly Ailing Supreme Leader
Prominent Conservatives Support Reform
Omission of 'Persian Gulf' Name Angers Iran
The Concept of Freedom
Information Crackdown
Police Beat Protesting Workers
Another Jailed Activist Dies
Ahmadinejad Challenges Bush to a Debate at the U.N. General Assembly
Student Leader Dies In Prison
President Ahmadinejad’s First Year
U.S.-Iran Relations Remain Unsettled
Leading Iranian Scholar Remains in Detention
Islamic Dress Code to be Strictly Enforced
Iran's Oil Bourse: A Threat to the U.S. Economy?
Iranian Police Attack Women's Rights Activists
Iran: Embassy Protests Organized by Basiji Hardliners
Striking Iranian Bus Drivers Jailed
U.S., Britain and Israel Accused in Attacks

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