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Zornitsa Stoyanova-Yerburgh

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Professional/Personal Overview

Zornitsa Stoyanova-Yerburgh recently completed her master’s degree in European Studies at New York University. Her interests include EU security and neighborhood policies, citizenship and minority policies in Europe, the Stabilization and Association Process for the Western Balkans, and processes of democratization in East-Central Europe and the Balkans. She is currently consulting with the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs on a number of projects.

Ms. Stoyanova-Yerburgh translates from Bulgarian, French, and Russian. She was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and has lived in New York since 2000. Work Samples

Bulgaria and Romania to Join the European Union
Turning the Page on the Milosevic Era
Ukraine: The Face of the Orange Revolution
Who Poisoned Yushchenko?
Turkey and the European Union: One Step Closer

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