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Jeroen Bult

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Professional/Personal Overview

Jeroen Bult is a freelance journalist and publicist living in Tallinn, Estonia. He studied History at the University of Amsterdam. His main areas of interest include the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), Finland, Germany, Dutchforeign policy, the European Union and Trans-Atlantic Relations (especially German-American relations).

Mr. Bult has written numerous articles for Dutch and Estonian newspapers, magazines and Web sites. He is also a columnist for Postimees, Estonia's biggest daily. He is working at the International Relations Department of the Institute of International and Social Studies in Tallinn. Work Samples

Still Too Early to Sing the Praises of a 'Polish Spring'
Germany's Middle East Policy: Equilibrium and Growing Self-Confidence
Bulgaria and Romania Will Join the EU, But What About the Others?
A Remarkable Diplomatic Row Between Estonia and Holland
Cheney and Genscher: Two Different Views on Russia
Finland Debates Its Ties With NATO

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