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Rana Rizvi

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Professional/Personal Overview

Rana Rizvi has worked as associate editor and editor for some of the leading newspapers in Pakistan and Toronto, Canada. She has 18 years of professional experience, which has included feature writing, reporting, research features, copyediting, page design layout, and providing assignments to reporters. Ms. Rizvi has written research features and articles on different social and political issues: women; health; the sciences; the environment; psychology, as it pertains to women; rape; child abuse; poverty in the third world; religious schools, terrorism's breeding grounds; education; women and work; prostitution in third world; and many others.

She has written for Kvinoor And Fundamentalism (Sweden), Sydasien (Sweden), One India One People (India), Siyasat (India), The World Paper (US), The News (Karachi), Time (UK), Canadian Asian News (Canada), Amn (Urdu), Tv Times (Urdu), Jang (Urdu), Kuhbsoorat (Urdu), Akhbar-E-Khawateen (Urdu), as well as other magazines and newspapers.

Ms. Rizvi has written a large number of features, articles and reports in Urdu for different magazines and newspapers in Pakistan. She has also translated many features, articles and reports from Urdu to English and English to Urdu. Currently she writes a weekly column for the editorial page of Carvan (Canada).

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