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Kobi Wolf

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Professional/Personal Overview

Kobi Wolf began his study of photography in the "Geographical Photography college." At the end of his personal studies he broadened his boundaries by setting off on a long journey with no specific destination in mind. With the help of his own personal curiosity, he began to acknowledge his own potential within and the creative spirit which resides in all of us.

For seven years, Mr. Wolf traveled throughout the Far East, Africa, and the pacific facing new realities and collecting thousands of images, which are the basis for his geographical archive. Once back in his home country of Israel, he started working with people, art, documentary and studio photography.

Mr. Wolf's work has been published in magazines around the country as well as on Internet sites throughout the world. His photos support his own personal story and his quest for a greater awareness and an understanding of the human condition. They also serve to support the creative spirit in all of those beings on the delicate journey of life. His final project to complete revolves around his relationship with his mother, which will explore the boundaries of exposure and intimacy.

Mr. Wolf is in his early thirties, and is now working on another project in a mental hospital near Tel Aviv for an exhibition to be presented in November, 2006. He is also working with photos agencies in israel, mostly for material from the West Bank. Samples can be viewed at his Web site - - and in his portfolio at Zumapress.

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