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Sanjay Ramesh

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Professional/Personal Overview

Sanjay Ramesh is a political scientist based in Sydney, Australia. He has written analytical articles on Fiji since 1997 for the Pacific Island Report and Asia Pacific Network. He is also the political editor of Sydney Fiji Times and is interested in ethnicity, race relations, policy formuation and building democratic institutions in divided communities.

Work Samples

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Military vs Government in Fiji, Asia Pacific Network, 1 February 2006.
Affirmative Action and Protective Policy in Fiji, Asia Pacific Network, 2005.
Twenty Years Later the Rainbow Warrior still Burns, Book Review, Pacific Island Report, 9 September 2005.
Bitter Sweet: A Review, Australian Journal of Political Science, March 2005.
After 125 years, Indo-Fijians in Retreat, Pacific Island Development Program, 2004.
Traditional chiefs remain conerstone in changing Fiji, Historical Analysis, Pacific Island Report, University of Hawaii, 2003.
Destruction of Democracy in Fiji, Pacific Island Report, 2002.
"The Race Bandwagon" in Brij Lal and Michael Pretes editor, Coup: Reflections on the Political Crisis in Fiji, (Canberra: Pandanus Press, 2001), pp. 117-126.
Myth Making in Fiji, Pacific Island Report, 18 July, 2000.
The Militarisation of Fijian Nationalism, Asia Pacific Network, 10 June, 2000.
Politics: Rabuka of Fiji- A Biography of Controversy, Asia-Pacific Network, 29 April, 2000. Work Samples

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Lament over Democracy in Fiji
Moves to Isolate Fiji Fail
Fiji Charter in Unchartered Waters
Media Freedom Restricted in Fiji Following Another Deportation
Fiji High on the Agenda at Pacific Islands Forum Meeting in Auckland
Publisher Deported in Fiji Amid Allegations of State Corruption
Fiji, 1987-2007: The Story of Four Coups
The Fiji Military's 'Clean Up'
Fiji's Slow March Toward a Military Takeover
Fiji: Military vs. Government
Government, Army on Collision Course in Fiji
Fiji Bills Create Divisions
Fiji Labor Party: From Unity to Dissent
Fiji Labor Party in 'Crisis'
Fiji Divided Along Race in May 2006 Elections
Fiji Goes to the Poll

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