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Tekla Szymanski

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Professional/Personal Overview

Tekla Szymanski is a multilingual foreign editor/writer/analyst (German, Hebrew, French, Italian) with 15 years of progressive international and domestic media experience. She focuses on Western Europe, the Middle East and international relations. Ms. Szymanski is highly skilled in online media and content management,

Having lived on three continents and witnessed major political events firsthand (the Cold War in divided Berlin, the Lebanon War, the 1991 Gulf War in Israel, 9/11 in New York), her work reflects in-depth knowledge of cultures and societies, languages, foreign media and global politics. As a world citizen, Ms. Szymanski observes how political events are shaped and perceived outside the United States, while keeping an eye on international relations and societal, cultural and economic trends that have yet to surface here. She also specializes in American Jewry, German-Jewish-Israeli reconciliation, interfaith- and intercultural relations, Anti-Semitism and domestic/international women's issues.

Work Samples

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Israel's Security Fence: Back To The Wall?
No Peace, No Process?: The Return To Diplomacy. Work Samples

The Arafat Mystique
Catherine Schauer: Foe of Sex Tourism

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