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Bright B. Simons

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Professional/Personal Overview

Bright B. Simons has close to a decade experience in new and innovative media, having begun his involvement in social entrepreneurship with a central part in a radio and television-driven youth security program affiliated with Fontomfrom TV in Ghana till late 2000. His longstanding participation in leading-edge media projects has been rewarded with recognition from the Commonwealth Vision Award program and with a Wesleyan University Summer Fellowship.

In 2009, he joined the World Economic Forum's Technology Pioneer Community at Davos. Simons, a T.E.D. and Ashoka Fellow, is an executive at the Africa-focused thinktank IMANI, a member of the Evian Group, and an active member of other development-focused societies in Africa and elsewhere, including the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Mobile Communications of the World Economic Forum. He is a recipient of numerous awards in the arts, humanities and sciences. Through his work with mPedigree (www.mPedigree.Net), he nurtures comprehensive and sometimes groundbreaking insights into the changing landscape of technology innovation for development, which he expresses through journalism.

Work Samples

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China's 'Panda' Imperialism
The Bonfire of the Townships: Purging South Africa
China: The Infant Dragon
Ghanaian President Stirs Controversy Over Slave Trade Reparations
The Beginning of the End For Britain's 'Merchant Class'?
Between Cross and Crescent: Black Star Fades to Night

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