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Karamoh Kabba

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Professional/Personal Overview

Karamoh Kabba is the author of the seminal work, A Mother’s Saga: An Account of the Rebel War in Sierra Leone, a memoir of the decade-long rebel conflict in Sierra Leone, Lion Mountain: A Perilous Evolution of the Dens and Morquee: A Political Drama of Wish over Wisdom. Mr. Kabba has published several verses of poems on the highly acclaimed Web site, Sierra Leone Web. He has also published a fine poem, Poverty amidst Gold and Diamonds in “With Hearts Ablaze,” an anthology of “The International Library of Poetry.”

He lives with his wife Maria and children Oscar, Kemoh and Fatima Kabba in Potomac, Maryland. Mr. Kabba is the founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Leone Youth Lending Hand (SLYLH), a public trust institution, organized to assist the youth of Sierra Leone in their quest for postwar rehabilitation in education, health and counseling.

Mr. Kabba's resume is available upon request.

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