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Mohamed Al-Azaki

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Professional/Personal Overview

Mohamed Al-Azaki is Yemeni journalist and researcher on Islamic militants at the Saba Center for Political and Strategic Studies based in Sana'a, Yemen. He has worked for more than five years at theYemen News Agency (SABA) in translation and reporting, and is also a freelance interpretator for major events in political, economic and social areas.

During his career in the fields of translation, research and journalism, Mr. Al-Azaki has earned a number of recognition certificates for addressing sensitive political issues in his writing.

Work Samples

OpEd News Interview
Turning Democracy into A Dirty Word
Why Some Arabs Think Al-Qaeda Is Winning Work Samples

Women Who Are Journalists in Yemen Persist in the Face of Discrimination
Terrorism Fears Inhibit Tourism
Jihad Materials Thrive in Yemeni Markets
On the Brink of Sectarian War
Economic Growth Fails To Reduce Poverty
Al Qaeda, Muslims are Infidels in Bush's 'Freedom Agenda'

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