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Ambrose Musiyiwa

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Professional/Personal Overview

Ambrose Musiyiwa ( has worked as a teacher and a journalist. One of his short stories has been featured in Writing Now (Weaver Press, 2005), an anthology of contemporary Zimbabwean writing.

Currently he is working another story.

Work Samples

BBC: Diary Of An Asylum Seeker
Rethink Policy of Deporting Failed Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers Work Samples

Interview with Kara Davey
Building Bridges: Interview with Gill Buttery
An Abhorrent Form of Censorship
Mugabe Threatens to Imprison Deportees From Britain
Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers on Hunger Strike: Britain Wants to Deport Them to Malawi
Zimbabwe: 'The Uncertainty of Hope'
Democratic Republic of the Congo: Rights Groups Call for Marie Therese Nlandu's Release
Britain Urged to Reconsider Deportation of Women to Congo
Zimbabwe Moves to Silence Remaining Independent Newspapers
Saddam Hussein's Execution Is a War Crime
Notes From the Detention Center II
Notes From the Detention Center
Refugees, Uncertainty and the Absence of Control
Britain Urged to Exercise Caution Over Zimbabwe Deportations
Britain and I.O.M. Criticized for Putting Refugees at Risk
Afghan Hijackers Aid Call for Asylum Work Rights
Paul Themba Nyathi
Britain Undermining Rights of Foreign Prisoners
Britain Set to Deport Nepalese Student Activist
Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers Face Uncertain Future
M.P.'s Criticized for Urging Crackdown on Asylum Seekers
Human Rights Defenders Honored
Raymond Majongwe
Netsai Mushonga
Britain Criticized for Tagging Asylum Seekers
Charities Urge British to Ditch Forcing Refugee Children Into Care
Government Moves to Silence Radio Station
South Africa Criticized for Zimbabwe Deportations
Zimbabwe Detains 160 Deportees
Military Dictatorship in Zimbabwe
Trevor Ncube
Religious Leaders Urge British Government to Stop Victimizing Asylum Seekers
Government’s Policy Leaves Refugee Children Destitute

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