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Joshua Pringle
New York, NY USA
Joshua Pringle has a bachelor's degree in magazine journalism from Ohio University and a master's degree in international relations from New York University. An experienced editor of both journalistic work and prose, he is the senior editor for Worldpr...

Sanjay Ramesh
Earlwood, NSW, Australia
Sanjay Ramesh is a political scientist based in Sydney, Australia. He has written analytical articles on Fiji since 1997 for the Pacific Island Report and Asia Pacific Network. He is also the political editor of Sydney Fiji Times and is interested in ethn...

Crystal Rees-Gibbs
Munich, Germany
Crystal Rees-Gibbs was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, and currently lives in Germany. She works as a freelance production designer and art director for music videos, adverts and films and as a freelance photographer. The overall production...

Jason Rezaian
San Francisco, CA USA
Jason Rezaian is an independent American journalist who writes mostly on Iran. His work has appeared in many publications including the San Francisco Chronicle, Vanity Fair and the Kyoto Journal.

Mr. Rezaian is the founder an...

Binod Ringania
Guwahati, India
Binod Ringania is a journalist based in Guwahati, capital city of India’s northeastern Assam state. He has 17 years of experience in journalism and documentation, and has extensively traveled in the restive and hilly regions, home to over one hundred diff...

Rana Rizvi
Toronto, Canada
Rana Rizvi has worked as associate editor and editor for some of the leading newspapers in Pakistan and Toronto, Canada. She has 18 years of professional experience, which has included feature writing, reporting, research features, copyediting, page desig...

Aaron Ross
Philadelphia, USA
Aaron Ross is a freelance journalistic whose work focuses primarily on international affairs, politics and sport. His articles have appeared in The Nation and on He is also a columnist for a start-up news site called Echoboomer

Simon Roughneen
Bangkok, Thailand
Simon Roughneen is an Irish journalist currently based in Southeast Asia. He writes for The Washington Times, Asia Times, The Irrawaddy, ISN Security Watch, World Politics Review, and others. He has worked in and reported from over 30 countries. In...

Maria Eugênia Sá
São Paulo, Brazil
Maria Eugênia Sá, after working in Better Comunicacão advertising agency’s art, video and image departments from 1990-92, moved on to fashion production at Estilo e Arte in 1993. In 1998 she worked as a photography and production director at the project F...

Raimondo Salomone
New York, NY USA
The author of the controversial novel "Peace Be With You," Raimondo Salomone also writes current events pieces for World Sentinel/American Chronicle magazine. His focus is on emerging threats around the world. A former solider in a Pershing II nuclear mis...

Akwete Sande
Blantyre, Malawi
Akwete Sande holds diplomas in journalism and management. He has worked for radio and print for 17 years, and four years as a diplomat in Namibia and Zimbabwe. Mr. Sande has published stories and poetry and is currently working on an autobiographical revi...

Kamala Sarup
Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepali journalist and story writer Kamala Sarup specializes in in-depth reporting and writing on peace, anti-war, women, terrorism, democracy, and development. Some of her publications are: Women's Empowerment in South Asia, Nepal (booklets); Preventi...

Julián Saugy
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Julián Saugy works in the fields of video editing, post production and 2D animation. He studied cinema at the Universidad del Cine, and since 2003 has done work for several companies, including Adidas, Merrelle, Lucky Strike and Heineken. He principally ...

Savina Savova
Daventry, United Kingdom
Savina Savova is a consultant with substantial in-house legal experience; a high premium on providing legal support in Bulgarian or English; and focus on real estate, contract drafting, legal translations, notarial, administrative and jurisprudence proced...

Erik Schechter
Tel Aviv, Israel
Erik Schechter is a Tel Aviv-based journalist and fixer who specializes in Middle East security issues, the Israel Defense Forces, settlers and Israeli Arabs. He speaks fluent Hebrew.

He has reported from such countries as Iraq, Egypt and Turk...

Lucas Schifres
Paris, France
Lucas Schifres is an editorial, corporate and portrait photographer specialized in China. A Chinese speaker, he has a master's degree in journalism. is Lucas' online photo gallery of more than 10,000 key-worded, high-resolution ph...

Cristian Schneider
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Mr. Schneider has been working as a photographer, mainly in advertising, fashion and photojournalism, since 1990. He has a degree in advertising and marketing and has published material in many forms in Brazil. He works in a stu...

Simone Scholtz
Cape Town, South Africa
Simone is an award-winning freelance photojournalist who has worked for international newspapers, magazines and NGO's. She completed a degree in media studies and her passion lies with exploring different cultures. She specializes in documenting social is...

Shelley Seale
Austin, TX USA
Shelley Seale is a freelance journalist based in Austin, Texas. She has over 10 years' experience reporting and writing on topics of social and cultural significance. Currently she is writing a nonfiction book called "The Weight of Silence: Invisible Chil...

Lubomír Sedlák
Prague, Czech Rep
Lubomír Sedlák is a journalist from the Czech Republic with more than 30 years experience. He works as a freelancer for such subjects as business and travel, writing for such publications as Air International, Energy World, Glass International, History...

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