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Basir Seerat
Kabul, Afganistan
Basir Seerat is a photojournalist with a long personal history of using his chosen craft to fight for hope and peace in his country. In 1998, he lived for some time as a refugee. Mr. Seerat graduated from Kabul University in 2005 with a Fine Arts degree f...

Silvia Simonetti
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Silvia Simonetti is a translator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She got her degree as a certified public translator (English-Spanish) from the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires and later had a post-graduate experience at Indiana University of Pe...

Bright B. Simons
Essex, United Kingdom
Bright B. Simons has close to a decade experience in new and innovative media, having begun his involvement in social entrepreneurship with a central part in a radio and television-driven youth security program affiliated with Fontomfrom TV in Ghana till ...

Dirk Smith
Hollis, NH USA
Dirk Smith has been a part-time freelance feature article writer since 1989, and is now full-time, with a focus researching and writing about information technology and intelligence services. In 2012 he won a Gold Tabbie Award in international journalism ...

Eugene Soros
Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
Eugene Soros is a highly versatile writer, with extensive experience in political and environmental issues, arts & culture and development. He has reported from war zones and covered issues of international interest, as well as the leading stories in Zimb...

Alasdair Soussi
Glasgow, Scotland
Alasdair Soussi is a Scots-born freelance journalist and writer, with a special interest in the Middle East and the Islamic world, and the Scottish political scene. An honours graduate from the University of Glasgow, he has worked in the likes of Beirut, ...

Melissa Souza
Devore, CA USA
Melissa Souza writes regularly for as the L.A. horse examiner. She has contributed to the Nashville music scene through various press releases, written several articles for and freelances as a copywriter. With a dash of prowess, a he...

Vinicius Souza
São Paulo, Brazil
Vinicius Souza started working as a photographer and journalist in the late 80's. In 1989, he won Banespa Bank's photo contest with a black and white series on the Samba schools of Santos. The work was exhibited in the bank's headquarters in São Paulo. In...

Mark Spowart
London, Canada
Mark Spowart is a freelance photojournalist from London, Canada. His work has appeared in local and national newpapers and several specialty publications.

Mr. Spowart's main interest is documentary photography, where he will spend an extended perio...

M.G. Srinath
New Delhi, India
M.G. Srinath is a freelance journalist based in New Delhi, India with over 35 years experience, having worked for the United Press International (UPI), The Hindustan Times (one of India's most respected English-language newspapers), and German Press Agenc...

Robert Stefanicki
Warsaw, Poland
Robert Stefanicki is a journalist based in Warsaw, Poland. He is focused on Asia (South and Far East) and Middle East politics. Mr. Stefanicki recently began writing on a freelance basis. For the past nine years he worked for the main Polish daily, Ga...

Nayan Sthankiya
Delhi, India
Nayan Sthankiya is a freelance visual journalist with more than a decade of experience in photography, video and multimedia, based in Asia, Delhi and Canada, Saskatoon. Mr. Sthankiya has covered major stories across both regions for the world's leading ma...

Zornitsa Stoyanova-Yerburgh
New York, NY USA
Zornitsa Stoyanova-Yerburgh recently completed her master’s degree in European Studies at New York University. Her interests include EU security and neighborhood policies, citizenship and minority policies in Europe, the Stabilization and Association Proc...

Isaac Sweeney
Verona, VA USA
Isaac Sweeney is a writer and editor living in Verona, Virginia. He teaches critical reading and writing at James Madison University. He has published articles, essays, fiction and poetry, and he is a seasoned editor.

Lloyd Bradford Syke
Sydney, Australia
Mr. Syke has enjoyed a successful career in advertising, as a copywriter and creative director, alongside adventures in creative expression, including public and community broadcasting, journalism, and filmmaking.

Tekla Szymanski
New York, NY USA
Tekla Szymanski is a multilingual foreign editor/writer/analyst (German, Hebrew, French, Italian) with 15 years of progressive international and domestic media experience. She focuses on Western Europe, the Middle East and international relations. Ms. Szy...

Peter Tase
Milwaukee, WI USA
Peter Tase is a returned Peace Corps volunteer; he served as a rural health and sanitation adviser in the Department of Ñeembucú, Republic of Paraguay, for two and a half years. He is a freelance journalist and an independent research scholar on Paraguaya...

Nguyen Thi Lan
Danang City, Vietnam
"I am Vietnamese and would like to invite you to my country to see natural and cultural beauty, to meet my friendly people."

Nguyen Thi Lan is a Vietnamese tour guide whose motto is "service above all." She used to work as a farmer, a vendor, a tai...

Greg Timmons
Bellevue, WA USA
Greg Timmons' nearly thirty-year experience as a classroom Social Studies teacher has provided him with a wealth of experience in how students learn and what materials teachers need to be successful. Taking into consideration all levels of student ability...

Sergei Tomilov
Moscow, Russia
Sergei Tomilov is a freelance professional translator based in Moscow, Russia. He has a Bachelor’s degree in translation and linguistics coupled with over 12 years of experience in the translation industry. A native Russian speaker and a near-native Engli...

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