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Beijing Ribao/Beijing Daily
(Government-owned), Beijing

Caijing/Business and Financial Review
(Independent biweekly magazine), Beijing

China Daily
(State-run), Beijing

China View
(State-Owned, English-Language), Beijing

Hong Kong Commercial Daily
(Pro-Chinese Communist), Hong Kong

Keji Ribao/Science and Technology Daily
(government-owned), Beijing

Macau Closer
(English-language monthly), Macau

Ming Pao
(Independent), Hong Kong

People's Daily Online
(English-language), Beijing

Ping kuo Jih Pao/Apple Daily
(Independent), Hong Kong

Renmin Ribao/People's Daily
(Communist Party), Beijing

Sing Tao Daily News
(Centrist), Hong Kong

South China Morning Post
(Centrist), Hong Kong

Standard, The
(English-language, financial), Hong Kong

Ta Kung Pao
(Government-controlled), Hong Kong

Xinmin Weekly
(independent news magazine), Shanghai

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