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(Conservative), Madrid

Actualidad Económic
(financial weekly), Madrid

Agencia EFE
(International news service), Madrid

(Liberal, Catalan language), Barcelona

Diari de Balears
((Catalan-language weekly)), Palma de Mallorca

El Correo
(Independent), Bilbao

El Diario Vasco
(Independent), San Sebastián

El Mundo
(Independent), Madrid

El País
(Liberal), Madrid

El Periódico de Catalunya
(Liberal), Barcelona

El Tiempo
(Centrist weekly politics and current-affairs magaz), Madrid

Estrella Digital
(Independent), Madrid

Euro Weekly News, The
(Weekly Newspaper), Benalmadena

Faro de Vigo

(Basque-language), Donostia

La Razón
(Conservative), Madrid

La Vanguardia
(Independent), Barcelona

La Voz de Galicia

Las Provincias
(Independent), Valencia

Libertad Digital
(Liberal, online newspaper), Madrid

Times of Earth, The
(English-language), Madrid

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