Iran's Election

, June 25, 2009

Re: Viewpoints: Aftermath of Iran's Election

Idhem Ainila
Ibaraki, Japan

I would like to thank President Obama for watching us and I hope he stays watching.

Dear Iranian Comrades,

I have seen elections in Iran before and from the beginning of Islamic Republic They put in for the vote and the results were achieved by cheating from beginning The Islamic Republic was forced, and there was never other choice. The people were just played by spy games. I still believe it is the same, but even we lost last time in revolution due to the mullahs cheating it still was necessary for it to happen so that people could recognize their power in the street and strikes.

It showed us how a couple of Molotov cocktails can win against the tanks and armies. The mullahs have created a terrorist nation. They are coming out of the terrorist and fascist community. I believe in God but never believe in any mullah (A good mullah is a dead mullah!). Mmullahs are not wise and they do not know anything about us — that we do not want them anymore. It is not about the presidency of Ahmadinejad any more. It may have started for that reason but now is the matter of:


We want these three for our dearest brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, since the Islamic Republic has stepped in. I would like to thank President Obama for watching us and I hope he stays watching. I promise we do not need him or any other country to help us to win this war against darkness and injustice. The people of Iran have their own leaders yet to come in front of our mission to get our freedom back.

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