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Rwanda: 20th Anniversary of the Genocide

Rwandans should be proud of the immense progress they have made since the genocide, but economic inequality and political abuses still plague the country. By Derick Wolf.


Nelson Mandela: The Global Icon Goes Home

Mandela's work to end apartheid in South Africa and fight for peace and equality throughout the world has left an indelible imprint on the global community. By Chinua Akukwe.


Zimbabwe Food Security Threatened by Tobacco

Farmers in Zimbabwe are moving away from growing food crops and turning to tobacco, a trend that seriously threatens the country's food security. By Stephen Tsoroti.


DR Congo's Silent Ordeal

Brutal violence continues to ravage villages in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but the massacres have received very little attention in Western media.
By Ruby Pratka.


U.S. Upgrades Its Relationship with Africa

The Obama administration has unveiled a new strategy that intends to shift the focus of its relationship with Africa from aid to sustainable development. By Chinua Akukwe.


Cheers for Hollande in Africa

Many Africans were excited to see French President Nicolas Sarkozy voted out of office, hopeful that François Hollande will better represent their interests.
By Ruby Pratka.


Somalia: No Sovereignty without Security

Until the Somali National Security apparatus is able to stand strong on its own, Somalia will not be able to achieve full sovereignty. By Abukar Arman.

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