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Nepali Students in New York Call for Government Accountability

Demonstrators aimed to remind Nepalis everywhere that they have to take an active role in holding their government accountable for its promises. By Alice Speri.

Unholy Madrasas of Pakistan

In some of Pakistan's madrasas, the lessons are not only limited to extremist ideology, but children are forced through brutality down a path of jihadi.
By Tanveer Jafri.

Student Movements in Brazil

University students in São Paulo have organized a series of demonstrations and been met with fierce resistance from the establishment.
By Vinicius Souza and Maria Eugênia Sá.

The Youth in Sierra Leone

President Obama's speech in Ghana, directed at all of Africa, resounded especially with the large population of young people in Sierra Leone and aligned with their objectives. By Unisa Dizo-Conteh

Berklee College to Audition and Interview African Musicians

The Africa Scholars Program, founded by president Roger Brown, is designed to create opportunities for gifted African musicians who lack the financial resources to study at Berklee.

The Pros and Cons of the Albanian Parliamentary Elections

Whoever wins the election, it will bring major changes in the country. On one side there are the slow but steady reforms of the Democratic Party. On the other side are the radical changes espoused by the Socialist Party.
By Ledion Krisafi.

International Green Summit to be Held in Portugal

The summit will connect activists, advocates, organizations, policy makers, practitioners, innovators, businesses and green leaders from around the globe to promote a healthy sustainable planet.

Documenting an Uprising, a Photographer is Charged with a Murder Coverup

The death of a freelance journalist, on Oct. 27, 2006, sparked an international outcry against the violence in southern Mexico. Gustavo Vilchis had been photographing the conflict when the killing occurred. By Mari Hayman.

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Policymakers Must Act Now on Youth Opportunities

Unisa Dizo-Conteh

Top Ten Stories of 2008

Dr. Peter Piot: An Accomplished Global Health Diplomat

Chinua Akukwe, contributing editor

If Only My Dream Is Realized

By Rawan Yousef Salah, One Voice "Imagine 2018" essay competition, and Common Ground News Service, Nablus, West Bank

NATO and Albania: Now All Our Troubles Will Go Away

By Ledion Krisafi, Tirana, Albania

Youth Views: Is War as Diplomacy Obsolete?

Stephen Coulthart, Common Ground News Service

Should We Dump the Absentee Ballot?

Andrew Fisher, NYU Livewire

India: Children Today—Citizens Tomorrow!

Anusha Bharadwaj, Hyderabad, India, and Kim Brouwers, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Loving Hip-Hop in Morocco

Rikki Reyna, NYU Livewire

Sierra Leone's Chief National Electoral Commissioner Dr. Christiana Thorpe

Michael Davies-Venn

What I Learned in a Ghanaian Shack

Sarah Lynch, NYU Livewire

Passage to India

Shelley Seale

In Exile

Aishwarya Pillai

Swatting Flies and Saving the World

Anuradha Kher, NYU Livewire

"Point of No Return"

The Canadian Family Farm

Mark Spowart, London, Canada

Profile of Plantu, French Cartoonist

Virginie Drujon-Kippelen

Photography by Bruce Davidson

Brent Gregston, Paris, France

Top Ten Stories of 2006

Web Design in the Netherlands

Casper Voogt, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Internment Without Charges: Dorothea Lange and the Censored Images of Japanese American Internment

Linda Gordon, Japan Focus

Internet Censorship: Reasonable or Not?

Arush Chopra, Chennai, India


Monica Perry, NYU Livewire

The Bayat Foundation - Making a Difference in Afghanistan

Summit Calls For Moderation in U.S.-Muslim World Relations

Andy Zieminski, Katherine Townsend, "9-11 Plus 5" Summit Participants

Summit Examines U.S.-Muslim Relations Five Years After 9-11

Kareem Elbayar, Julia Min Li Lau, "9-11 Plus 5" Summit Participants

Envisaging Peace between Israel and Palestine

Elaina Loveland, Managing Editor, International Educator (IE)

Security Walls and Suicide Bombers

Dana Wilkie, International Educator magazine

Significant Terrorist Incidents, 1961-2003: A Chronology

Office of the Historian, Bureau of Public Affairs, March, 2004

Pipeline Politics: Oil, the Taliban, and the Political Balance of Central Asia

Elijah Zarwan, November-December 2001

Top Ten Stories of 2005

Sept. 11, 2002: One Year Later

Coin of Confusion: Enter the Euro

Journalists on Journalism

Background Resources: Iraq
(Grades 9-12)

International Law, the United Nations, and the War in Iraq

Rachel S. Taylor, World Press Review associate editor

Iraq: Resources for Research

How To Teach an Economic Meltdown

Iraq in the International Press

Models for Justice in Iraq

Rachel S. Taylor, World Press Review special projects editor, May 8, 2003

Do We Care?

The Press Goes to War

Castro and Iraq

We, the Traitors

Peace on Earth Good Will Toward Men?

Media Literacy Activity

Individual Exercise, Grades 9-12

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Research Activities, Grades 9-12

The Iraq Crisis, Past to Present

Vocabulary, Grades 9-12

The Roma of Ferentari and Nushfalàu

Text by Crina Muresanu, photos by Layla Aerts, Bucharest, Romania

I Want A State Called Kurdistan

Dr. Kamal Mirawdeli, Kurdistan Observer, July 11, 2004

Chechnya's 200-Year Independence Struggle (English-language), Doha, Qatar, June 22, 2004

'Why Was I Born a Girl?'

Mouna Naïm, Le Monde (liberal), Paris, France, Dec. 28, 2003

What the World's Poor Watch on TV

Bella Thomas, Prospect (monthly magazine of current affairs and culture), London, England, January 2003

Top 10 Stories of 2001

—Javier Navia, La Nación, Buenos Aires