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Dziennik Baltycki
(Independent), Gdansk

Dziennik Wschodni
(Regional), Lublin

Dziennik Zachodni
(Large-circulation), Katowice

(Liberal communist monthly), Poznan

Express Ilustrowany
(Independent), Lodz

Fakt Gazeta Codzienna
(Daily tabloid), Warsaw

(Supplement of Zycie Warszawy), Warsaw

(Weekly survey of foreign press), Warsaw

Gazeta Krakowska
(Communist), Krakow

Gazeta Lubuska
(Regional), Zielona Gora

Gazeta Polska
(Conservative weekly), Warsaw

Gazeta Poznanska
(Communist), Poznan

Gazeta Swiateczna
(Weekend edition of Gazeta Wyborcza), Warsaw

Gazeta Wspolczesna
(Regional daily), Bialystok

Gazeta Wyborcza
(Liberal), Warsaw

Glos Wielkopolski
(Independent), Poznan

Krakow Post, The
(Independent), Krakow

Kurier Poranny
(Reginal daily), Bialystok

Nasz Dziennik
(Conservative, Catholic), Warsaw

Newsweek Polska
(Weekly newsmagazine), Warsaw

Polish Market Review
(Business portal), Kraków

(Independent weekly), Warsaw

Polska Zbrojna
(Military), Warsaw

Puls Biznesu
(Business daily), Warszawa

(Centrist), Warsaw

Super Express
(Mass-circulation tabloid), Warsaw

Tygodnik Powszechny
(Liberal Catholic weekly), Kraków

(Liberal Catholic monthly), Krakow

Zycie Warszawy
(Independent daily), Warsaw

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