Isolated in Greek Camps, Migrants Find Work

The UN High Commission for Refugees estimates that nearly 50,000 migrants are in Greece, awaiting asylum interviews in which they will make their cases for staying in Europe. While many migrants remain without jobs, some have found work in camps, and have even started their own businesses.

The Jedwabne Massacre of 1941: An Interview with Marcin Malek

On July 10, 1941, Christian Poles hunted down, clubbed, drowned, gutted, and burned alive 1,600 Jewish men, women, and children in Jedwabne—all but seven of the town's Jews. Today there is no trace left of the Jewish community which lived there for more than 300 years.

Global Refugee Crisis Deepens by the Day

We are currently seeing the worst refugee crisis since World War II, and developed countries are not doing nearly enough to help those in need. By Joshua Pringle.

Viewpoints: Paris Climate Summit

At the biggest summit since Copenhagen, negotiators from developed and developing countries converge in Paris to hammer out a meaningful international agreement to combat climate change.

Is Russia Plotting to Bring Down OPEC?

Russia's economy is heavily dependent on its energy industry, and President Vladimir Putin is playing a long, complex game to combat low oil prices. By Dalan McEndree.

Germany's Energy Model for India

Germany has been acting as an international leader in reducing its carbon footprint, and India can learn a lot from Germany's example in trying to meet its own targets. By Jivanta Schöttli.

Europe's Growing Right Resurgence

The rise of a right-wing coalition in Denmark reflects a trend across Europe of political parties stoking anti-immigrant sentiment and Islamophobia.
By Neelam Deo.

Global Divestment Day: Shifting Investments to Clean Energy

The divestment movement aims to combat climate change by stripping investments from fossil fuels and redirecting them toward renewable energy. By Joshua Pringle.

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