Countries North Korea Can Currently Hit With Their Missiles

According to experts, the missile test North Korea launched on the morning of May 14, had considerably longer range than prior attempts. Some scientists suggest that it may have been the new mobile missile seen in North Korea’s April 15, 2017, parade.  

Reports from Japan state that the missile fell into the Sea of Japan after traveling for about 30 minutes, at a range of 700 km (430 miles), and an altitude of 2,000 km (1,250 miles).

Based on the range and altitude of the missile, as well as the 30-minute flight time, some scientists estimate that if that same missile were fired on a standard trajectory, instead of the lofted trajectory North Korea tests, it would have a maximum range of about 4,500 km (2,800 miles).

North Korea has the ability to fire a rocket more than 10,000 km (6,200 miles) and reach the U.S. west coast, South Korean officials have said.

Should Kim Jong-un decide to target its neighbors in the South Korean capital of Seoul (312 km), they would have zero to six minutes, from the moment the missile is launched until the time it reaches its target, to seek safety.

And the citizens of Tokyo (1,184 km) would have between 10-11 minutes before a missile reached them. 

If fired on a standard trajectory, the missile could also reach the Russian border (2,790 km), Moscow (6,400 km), Guam (3,400 km), Alaska (5,717 km), and Hawaii (7,000 km).

Kathleen Troia "K.T." McFarland the then deputy White House national security adviser and current nominee to become ambassador to Singapore remarked: “There is a real possibility that North Korea will be able to hit the U.S. with a nuclear-armed missile by the end of the first Trump term.”  

Should North Korea ever have the capacity to launch a nuclear missile that could reach the U.S. mainland, Trump would have approximately ten minutes to react and make a decision to counterattack.

Experts estimate that a missile launched from North Korea could hit West Coast cities such as Seattle (8,055 km) and Los Angeles (9,343 km) in under 30 minutes and San Francisco (8,786 km) in 33 to 34 minutes. Reaching the US West Coast would require a missile with a range of about 8,000 km.

People in New York and Washington D.C. would have less than 40 minutes to prepare before being hit if North Korea is able to improve its range. New York and Washington, are both less than 11,000 km away.

A partial list of other countries and their distance to North Korea in kilometers:

Afghanistan: 5,245 km

Australia: 7,320 km

Bhutan: 3,670 km

Bangladesh: 3,920 km

Brunei: 4,179 km

Cambodia: 3,789 km

China: 2,092 km

Egypt: 8,637 km

Ethiopia: 9,094 km

France: 8,960 km

Germany: 8,149 km

Greecs: 8,405 km

Hong Kong: 2,358 km

India: 5,064 km

Indonesia: 4,773 km

Iran: 6,472 km

Israel: 8,038 km

Italy: 8767 km

Kazakhstan: 4,776 km

Krgyzstan: 4,370 km

Laos: 3,289 km

Macao: 2,406 km

Malaysia: 4,759 km

Manila: 2,930 km

Mongolia: 2,208 km

Myanmar: 3,602 km

Nepal: 4,149 km

Northern Marina Islands: 3,311 km

Oman: 6,946 km

Pakistan: 5,291 km

Palau: 3,715 km

Philippines: 3,102 km

Russia: 2,790 km

Saudi Arabia: 7,698 km

Somalia: 8,895 km

Syria: 7,480 km

Taiwan: 1,948 km

Tajikistan: 4,735 km

Thailand 3,732 km

Turkey: 7,495 km

UK: 8,400 km

Vietnam: 3,467 km

Yemen: 7,969 km