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Germany's Energy Model for India

Germany has been acting as an international leader in reducing its carbon footprint, and India can learn a lot from Germany's example in trying to meet its own targets. By Jivanta Schöttli.


The Tibetan People's Limited Options

For 65 years China has been taking over Tibet, abusing Tibetans and destroying their culture, and no one's doing anything about it. By Carla Lopez.


China's Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

The AIIB is a game changer for China in multilateral financial architecture. The Bank presents both a challenge and an opportunity for India. By Akshay Mathur.


Business Underpins India-U.S. Defense Deal

In its recent defense technology deal with the U.S., India has lain the groundwork for creating a robust long-term defense industrial base. By Sameer Patil.


Australia: Fanning the Flames of Warming and Warfare

Australia is a case study for how the West prioritizes fossil fuels and military intervention over developing alternative energy and regional accord. By Laurelle Atkinson.


Viewpoints: New Carbon Emission Targets

Following an E.U. agreement to reduce emissions, the United States and China have set new emission-cutting targets, showing some welcome global leadership on climate change.


Multilateral Test for India's Modi

At upcoming multilateral summits, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has an opportunity to expand India's regional position and economic links, and address issues such as terrorism and a rising China. By Neelam Deo.

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